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Outloud Productions

Dead Reckoning, Passing Strangers & Ground Rules

We have now completed our 2011 tour of Eric Chappell's plays, which were well received and enjoyed by audiences all over the country.

Here are just some of the comments we received:

Hello, to everybody involved with that production,
I just had to send a message to let you know how much we enjoyed this completely unknown play. We dithered over whether to book or not, and we are so very glad that we decided to come, not only was the play excellent but the directing and the acting were certainly 'the best'. Every character seemed made for the part, and I didn't have a clue what was going to be the twist in the second act. Eric Chappell can certainly write a thriller, it was brilliant. You'll all know it went well, but it's nice to be told!

I did get to speak to 'lights' at the back before we left, but that wasn't enough - it is always best in writing, I think.

A Rowe (Headgate, Cholchester)

Thoroughly enjoyed Dead Reckoning at Sheringham last night. Highlighted the gulf between professional and amateur. Here's to your continued success.
Thanks and best regards.

C Sadler, Sherrignham

I came to see your production of Passing Strangers at the Harlow Playhouse last Saturday and was bowled over. It was such a brilliant script, a fantastic production and altogether a brilliant night out.

M Giddings

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