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Outloud Productions

Outloud Productions Children's Classes

Classes are available for children aged 3 -18 and run during school term time on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Classes take place in our studio which is equipped with costumes and props, all of which may be used by the children. During classes theatrical skills are taught through games, improvisations and script work. Children are encouraged to stretch their imaginations in our safe environment and build confidence as they do so.

Outloud also teaches speech and pronunciation skills in these classes to help children become effective communicators. Each year children are offered the chance to take LAMDA examinations which focus in particular on these skills.

Outloud Productions actively promote:

  • Positive self esteem
  • Confidence to communicate effectively
  • Enjoyment of language and communication
  • Good pronunciation and voice control
  • Ability to share and present ideas
  • Love of reading and stories
  • LAMDA exams
  • Theatre technique
  • Confidence to perform and take part in shows

Act Now! For information on the courses we are running phone 07943 649628 and realise your potential or email us at: info@outloudproductions.co.uk

Children’s Shows

Every year Outloud puts on its own theatrical production involving each pupil. Pupils are given the chance to perform on stage with costumes, lights and set in front of an audience. Each child is given an equal part in the play as Outloud believes its pupils are all equally talented. Last year’s show held at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff on Sea was a tremendous success and great fun was had by pupil’s and teachers alike. These shows also offer an opportunity for children to show their parents their acting ability, demonstrate their clarity of speech and perform in a professional theatre to an audience of hundreds.

Holiday Workshops

During the holidays Outloud does not run children’s classes but offers one day workshops. Workshops are open to anyone, not just Outloud pupil’s. During these workshops children make their own props and then rehearse and perform a short play in the afternoon to parents. These workshops offer children a chance to experience drama for the day and are great way to develop speech and acting skills in a safe and caring environment as well as make new friends. Every summer Outloud runs a summer school for secondary school age children.

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Outloud Productions, Studio, 21-23 Glendale Gardens, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 2PA

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