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Outloud Productions

Website Terms and Conditions

1. Tuition fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each new term. No refund will be given.

2. On occasion different tutors other than Sally Lawrence and Jon Kerr will take classes – all tutors used by Outloud Productions Ltd are DBS checked and fully insured.

3. Fees are reviewed annually; however Outloud Productions Ltd reserves the right to amend fees at its discretion. An extra charge will be payable to cover the cost of theatrical productions pupils are involved in.

4. A pupil detail form must be completed and returned to Outloud Productions before pupils can attend classes.

5. It is the responsibility of parents to advise Outloud Productions Ltd of any health issues and to ensure e.g. in the case of asthma sufferers that their child has relevant medication and knows how to take/use it.

6. Individuals are responsible for the cost of repairs necessitated by any damage they cause to equipment or property.

7. It is the responsibility of parents to inform Outloud Productions Ltd in writing of any change of address, home or mobile telephone numbers that would affect communication with them in an emergency.

8. On occasion photographs of the children may be used to promote Outloud Productions Ltd e.g. in the local Press, on the website, the facebook page or twitter. No names are mentioned. If you have any objection to your child being included in such a photograph please notify Outloud Productions by completing the pupil detail form.

9. In extreme circumstances Outloud Productions Ltd reserve the right to refuse to teach your child.

You can download the pupils information form here

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